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“Don’t judge a book by its cover …”

Unfortunately, this cliché is wishful thinking. Most browsers, both online and in bookshops, spend only a few seconds looking at your book. In those seconds, the cover needs to catch their attention and inspire them to investigate further. Don’t give them an excuse not to look closer at your fantastic book!

By having a professional and eye-catching cover design, you create a great first impression on potential readers. Our designers know how to make your book stand out, but also how to emulate your favourite author. All you have to do is give them an idea of what you want, and they will do the work! Once they have a draft of your book cover, you can give them feedback and make sure the design is to your liking.

To start designing your book cover, or if you want to learn more, get in touch.


Editing covers a diverse set of practises. To edit a book can mean different things, and we are here to help you choose what kind of editorial service your book needs.

Developmental editing:

Developmental editing is concerned with the larger picture: what, why, where, when, who, how? It aims to answer these questions in your writing, so that your plot unfolds as clearly as possible. Sometimes a character needs to be strengthened, a theme made more clear, or an entire section of the book re-thought. It is important to have a fresh and professional pair of eyes to identify potential problems, offer suggestions, and generally help make your book to be the best version of itself.


Copy-editing zooms in on the text itself and examines language. Is everything communicated clearly? Is the style consistent? Is the dialogue convincing? Are your sentences clear and well written?

Copy-editing is an investment worth making. Ensuring all the text flows and reads well can make the difference between a failed novel and a bestseller. All writers need a copy-editor because it is easy to become blind to your own writing and in need of someone to nudge and guide you. Even the best writers make mistakes, and it is the copy-editor’s job to ensure you don’t.

To commission an editor or simply learn more and discuss the best editorial service for your book, get in touch.

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proofreading hewer text self-publishing


Everyone is guilty of little typos now and again. They may be few and far between, but it’s a huge turn-off for a reader. Nothing screams “unprofessional” like a duplicated or misspelled word, the wrong use of apostrophes or plurals.

With our proofreading service, we tidy up your manuscript and make sure no one can fault you on grammar or spelling. If your book has not been copy-edited, this will cost more than if it hasn’t. We do urge writers to have their book copy-edited, because this is nearly always a game-changer that will help sell your book. However, if you are confident enough in your writing and believe it is ready for publication, we are happy to go straight to a proofread.

To have your manuscript proofread, or get free feedback on whether or not to copy-edit, get in touch.

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Many writers underestimate the importance of typesetting. This is a huge mistake: typesetting is what makes your book look professional and neat. It covers everything from fonts to margins, chapter headings to line spacing – it is the design of everything that is between the covers. Every single book in a bookstore has been typeset, and others that have not are easy to spot. Don’t let your masterpiece be discarded because of shoddy page design!

We also convert your book into epub and/or mobi format so that you can distribute it through various ebook channels, such as Amazon.


Our past and present clients include large publishing houses such as Bloomsbury, Simon & Schuster, Hodder & Stoughton, Hachette, Oneworld Publications, Canongate and Verso Books.

To have your manuscript typeset, or to learn more about the typesetting process and formats, get in touch.

typesetting hewer text self-publishing
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metadata ISBN hewer text self-publishing


Metadata is used to identify your book. Because it carries all the bibliographic information, it is crucial for sales: the ISBN will direct customers, booksellers and internet searches to your book.

Hewer Text does not supply ISBN numbers, as this is under the control of Nielsen UK ISBN Agency. When you purchase an ISBN from them, you are the registered publisher, which in turn gives you all the control and income from your book.

ISBN numbers (currently) cost £89 for a single one, and £149 for a pack of ten. We recommend that you buy the latter, because this will enable you to publish more editions of your book (e.g. a soft cover, hard cover and ebooks all need different ISBNs) as well as future titles.


Below are the links to Nielsen's various services:

If you want to learn more about ISBN numbers, or require assistance in purchasing them and filling out the correct information, get in touch with us.



There is nothing better than holding a print book in your hands, feeling the cover and smelling the pages… Nothing, except holding your own book, and seeing it in a bookstore or on your own bookshelf!

We have a vast selection of options for printing. Whether you want a hardback or paperback, glossy or matt cover, our printers can deliver. All you have to do is pick and choose.

Because there is such a vast amount of options and variable combinations, we ask that you get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

print printing hewer text self-publishing
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distribution hewer text self-publishing


Our printers have an agreement with Gardners, who offer a variety of services concerning distribution and storage. Gardners can offer distribution channels into bookstores (such as Waterstones), and will also deliver to other destinations. If you are planning on selling many books yourself, it is useful to have a certain number delivered to your home.

Please get in touch to hear more about distribution options.

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Having trouble finishing your book? Try Prolifiko, a digital productivity coach which helps you kickstart and continue your writing project. 


Credited by ManBooker longlister Wyl Menmuir as a major factor helping him finish his novel The Many, Prolifiko helps you to break down your large writing project into super-small steps. Get started with five days of coaching for free. 

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