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Why Self-Publish?

Thinking of going the DIY route? Not sure if self-publishing is the right decision? There are many reasons why embarking on the self-publishing journey can be a better and easier alternative than traditional publishing. Below is a quick break-down of the main benefits. Speed In traditional publishing, it can take as much as two years before the book actually reaches the public. When you self-publish, this time is significantly reduced – depending on the extent of services and processes required, it can take as little as a few weeks, or no more than a few months. This is ideal if you are writing about a current affair or event – which will not be a hot topic a year from now – or if you’re just impatient to see and hold your masterpiece. Author Control The author has full autonomy in self-publishing. S/he decides everything from the book cover to the marketing techniques; whether the book needs editing; what kind of editing; how many of the edits to comply with (etc.). In short, the author is in charge from start to finish! Rights You retain full rights to your book when you self-publish. This means that you receive nearly all the profit, as well as being able to keep full creative control and call the shots on future decisions and agreements. In contrast, traditional and vanity publishers may take as much as a 90% cut, depending on your contract. Online Marketing It has never been easier for authors to market themselves than it is today. With the internet, social media, blogs and other platforms, you can gain huge followings and a gigantic readership from just sitting in your room, writing. One rising trend is that of reader-author interaction: never have fans been so keen to communicate with their favourite authors, which is fantastic for DIY publishers using social media. Of course, it is still very important to market your book in traditional ways, especially if you want high sales. Niche Traditional publishers are often afraid to commission a book with a very niche audience. If you want to write about your town’s local history, or a genre that isn’t “in”, you will have trouble convincing traditional publishers to invest in it, as they are so bound by existing market demands and profit. This is a shame, because many exceptional and well written books are rejected as a result. With self-publishing, however, you can write about whatever you like, and for whoever you want! If you are lucky, your unique approach may be the new “in”. (Think of J.K. Rowling, whose Harry Potter series was rejected based on current genre demands). Diversity Very few people make it into traditional publishing. Authors are subject to a strict, subjective selection process, ultimately controlled by a small group of publishers. A major strength of self-publishing is that it allows everyone freedom of speech. If you want to publish your words and let the world read them, you now can! Whether you just want your friends to read your book, or you have larger ambitions, self-publishing enables you to spread the word, no matter who you are or what you write.

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If you want to begin your publishing journey, come visit our main page to learn more, or tell us about your project. We can offer you bespoke services, or help you with the entire publishing process. It is also our pleasure to offer free consultancy to any aspiring authors; sign up to our mailing list and we will advise and guide you through the publishing maze.

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